Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Happy Half Birthday!!!

Can it be? Can our baby really be six months old?!?! I know I say that every month but this month there is just something about it. Six months is not a little baby anymore!!! In a weird way, it kind of makes me sad even though I love everyday more. I love every stage more. I feel like my baby is getting big too fast! Or, maybe I am just sad that now I have no excuse. I have a six month old and I still can't get rid of these last few pounds! HA!
The past six months have felt like a blink in one way and in another way have felt like an eternity. I do remember life before her, but I can't imagine life without her!!! There have been more nights with little sleep than there have been with good sleep. There have been lots of challenges to overcome. Let's face it...this parenting thing is not easy!!! But, I could not be happier and I could not love anything more than our sweet girl! She really does brighten our days and she brings such joy to our lives and to our home!
I thank God for you everyday, Cilla. I am so proud of the beauty you are! I am honored and humbled that God chose your daddy and me to be your parents.
We love you bunches!

So, What have you been up to this past month?
* You saw your first football game! HA!
Your Hogs and your Bears remain undefeated in your lifetime!!!
* You have been sick for the first time and it has been sooooo sad!
* You went to Mother's Day Out for the first time and they said you were perfect. I already knew that!!!
* You are eating like a champ. You are almost solely on formula now. You love all your fruits and veggies. I am making lots of your baby food and I am having so much fun with that!
* You are sleeping from about 9 pm to 7:30 am. This makes mommy happy! However, we still have some struggles with you waking up in the middle of the night.
* You love loud toys! Oh dear!
* Still love the bath and the pool.
*Still love being in the car.
* You like to shop for yourself!!! I can't blame you. If I looked that cute in my clothes, I would like to shop for myself more, too!
* You love to roll and turn in circles and scoot. To not be very mobile- you are mobile!
* You love the doggies more than ever. You even like it when Sophie gives you "sugar".
* You are obsessed with the romote control and our cell phones!
* You are finally taking two distinct naps per day! And the Heavens parted and the Angels sang!!!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are to cute!! I love the tutu! Have a blessed week, Ginger

The Allens said...

We are at the same place!

I'll be in Waco this weekend at the Ferrell Center for Just Give Me Jesus with Ann Graham Lotz. Are you going?

The Haynes said...

Rebekah, Cilla is the cutest little girl and I know you and Flint are so proud of her! I can see both of you guys in her!

Lindsey said...

She is adorable!

Sally said...

ahhh! happy 1/2 bday Cilla!!! TOO CUTE with that tutu. add that to the "borrow" list if i have a girl. :) ha ha, ok...i seriously need to quit thinking i am having a girl in case it's a boy and all we got is jackson's old clothes - ha!!! either way - it'll be great!

The Allens said...

Hey you! My mother-in-law's church in Fort Worth has a big group going and she invited me. I am driving separately and meeting her at the conference tomorrow night. I am staying at a hotel with her and one of her friends. I'm leaving right after the conference Saturday. I'll be READY to see my baby. BUT, if you want to get together I could come down a little early tomorrow and we could meet before I head to Ferrell. The deal doesn't start until 7 tomorrow night. Let me know. You can also e-mail me directly at

His Doorkeeper said...

Isn't 6 months just a magical age? Miss Cilla is just darling in her TuTu! Love the "recap" of her little life at 6 mos! You will look back some day and laugh and be so happy you wrote about every little thing she can do!


Slightly Sassy said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I love the name Cilla!

Edison said...

AHHH - make time stop!!!

The Haynes said...

Hey! I messaged you back on your FB account. Did you get it?

Kim said...

That tutu is the cutest! She is precious, getting big too!

Kylie said...

I saw a fellow Waco-an comment on Kelly's Korner and thought I'd pop in to say hi :)

I love my little girl in a tutu, too!

Unknown said...

Hi! Found your blog through a couple of different ones...anyway, your daughter is 2 days older than my youngest!!! Love the tutu. We have one that is red and white too for the HOGS!! YAY!! I will be returning to see that precious little face. Hope you visit my blog sometime.

Sarah said...

She is adorable in that tutu, Rebekah! I hope she's feeling better - I've been praying for y'all :)

Kenziepoo said...

These pics are so adorable!! What a sweetie!