Friday, September 4, 2009

Merry Football Christmas

Yes...we celebrate the first day of college football season like it is Christmas because there is that much excitement in the air at our house!!! Flint and I talked about people thinking we were sacrilegious and our is response is that we may not be celebrating Christ's birth on this day but we are thanking Him for yet another football season!

Here is Cilla waking up on Football Christmas morning.
Nothing makes me more happy than walking into her room and seeing her sparkly self light up in the mornings!!!! I thank God for every smile, laugh, and kick!!!

So in honor of the big day, we exchange football related gifts and we had tailgate foods for dinner- pigs-in-a-blanket, Southwestern egg rolls, and fruit pizza!!! YAY for non-healthy man food!
Flint got Cilla some cute football shirts! She was so cute in them even though they were boys' shirts!!! Here she is after daddy dressed her in her new shirt and bloomers. Her mommy put her denim miniskirt on with her new shirt and a big bow on top of her head and she was plain ole precious!!! (I didn't get a pic of mommy's preferred look...we were on our way out the door)

Not sure what to think about all the excitement! Or maybe she is thinking her parents are crazy!!!

Here is the gift Flint got me.
I LOVE it!!! It is Baylorlishous!!! When it finally cools down here I can wear it to Baylor sporting events!

I am waiting to reveal the gift Cilla and I got Flint until the perfect time. 

Enjoy your weekend! I hope your team wins!
Go Hogs and Go Bears!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy football season! You are so cute talking about it! I love the jacket! Too Cute! Very Classy!


Sarah said...

We're SO excited Saturday is finally here!! I'm so glad y'all love football as much as we do - we'll have to get together to watch some games this season! :)

The Allens said...

Looks like both of your teams are having a good day!

Kristen said...

That face! I love it! I think someone just told her my Aggie's were playing my dad's beloved Hogs...she's worried for us. :)

LOVE the jacket! Super cute.

Jen said...

so fun!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

Hmmm, Warren is having second thoughts about Cilla now - he is being raised to dislike football!!!!!! ROFL

Sally said...

AWWW, i love the idea of Merry Football Christmas, how fun! we had a ball yesterday too (ha, no pun intended!) :) and ya for that baylor win.

ok, that jacket is sooo cute! where did flint find that? way to go, i am impressed. And i cannot wait to see what ya'll got him...hee hee.

see you soon!