Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eight Months

Happy 8 month Birthday, you sweet thing!
We tried to have a little photo session out at the lake, but you weren't really having any of that!!! I still think you are the cutest, even when you do not cooperate! You are interested in anything and everything besides me OR all you want to do is grab the camera!

I can't believe you are already 8 months. I, seriously, look back and have no idea where the time has gone! I loved looking at your "month birthday" pics all together and seeing how much you have grown and how far you have come. It really is amazing! You are such a joy, sweet girl. You have really started to develop a little personality and it is quite amusing!!! You are the sunshine on a cloudy day and we love you to pieces!
What is our 8 month old up to?!?!
You are into everything. You crawl everywhere. You put everything in your mouth. If I walk out of the room for a couple of short minutes, you disappear! Silly goose!
*We finally have gotten you down to four large bottles each day (well, most days). This did not happen without a fight!
*You love your food and are eating some yummy combinations and you LOVE puffs!!!
*We lowered your crib because you now pull up when we put you in it. This has also led to bigger and better fits when we put you down at nap time! Oh and did I mention that you have figured out how to pull the camera off the post of your crib! There are days we check the video monitor to see what you are doing and we get a virtual tour of your penthouse!
*You ARE sleeping like a champ through the night, but we are back to fighting naps. I can deal with this since you are sleeping about 11 hours most nights! Days are much easier when we have had a good night of sleep! We usually can get one good long nap in each day. If we are really lucky, we get two!!!
*You have developed somewhat of an attachment to your mommy this month. You decided a couple of weeks ago that you are not very fond of men. I do not know if this is because you are mainly around ladies....home, playgroups, MDO, church nursery...or if this is a normal phase babies go through!?!? I credit it to the fact that daddy works and travels so much and you see him so little right now. Either way, we are hoping this is short lived!!! Or if this will just trickle over into your teenage years we will be A-OK with it!!!
*You love Katie and Sophie.
*You love to be tossed in the air.
*You love the "Little Popcorn" song and when mommy sings it to you. Thanks Aunt Katie for teaching it to us while you were here! Sorry your mommy can't sing better, girl!!!
*Still only two teeth, but we think we are on the brink of getting more. We have had a rough couple of days!
*You have been healthy (that is relative) all month!!! PTL!

Each day of your life I get more of a glimpse of how Christ loves us, His children. I can't fathom how much He must love us, cause I love you so much and HIS love far exceeds that! I pray everyday that you will come to know and grasp this love at a young age. There is nothing greater and nothing else that will carry you through life. Know that God gave you a mommy and daddy who love you so much here on Earth and there is nothing more important to us than to show you what it looks like to be like Christ. We love you, our little Pumpkin Pie!!!


Kubin's said...

She is so stinkin cute!!! You could not have said it better, about the love God has for us and how it exceeds. The love we have for our daughters are so great and to know that God's love is even greater is amazing!!

Sally said...

ahhhhh! LOVED that sweet outfit she had on that day!!!!!! Happy 8 months Cilla...she is growing up too fast mommy!!! :)

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Wow! She is such a cutie! I love that outfit and I absolutely heart the big bow!! 8 months is the turning point where they begin to get into EVERYTHING. We thought we were baby proofed but Lilly quickly found anything we forgot or didn't even think of--haha.

You are absolutely right, having children has given me a glimpse into the way the God loves us! It is something you just can't really fathom until having your own baby--that parental love!

Your hog lovin friend!

Deb said...

Okay, I have to remind myself that girls develop faster than boys! Warren is not crawling yet nor does he have teeth! Cilla just keeps getting more and more beautiful!

Deb said...
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Kimberly said...

Eight months and two teeth! Griffin is three months and just this week, his two bottom teeth popped through! Oh my goodness!!!

She is beautiful and I can't believe how much she has changed in the last month. I love that collage.

Hug her tight,

Heather said...

She is beautiful!! Love these pictures, happy 8 months to your little girl!

Kim said...

Wow!! My kids didn't have a single tooth until 11 months!! She is such a pretty little thing!!
Thanks for the comments. I can't wait to find out what we are having next Friday! You are so good not to find out! I just have to know!!

Unknown said...

LOVE her fat little belly!! I can only say that because mine has one too! =) I love chubby babies!

Kristen said...

Such a doll! I wish I knew the little popcorn song!

Renae said...

She looks like an adorable doll! Too precious!!