Friday, December 4, 2009

Jerry World....I mean Baylor vs. Tech

The Baylor/Texas Tech game was actually exciting, but the highlight of the trip was getting to visit the new Cowboy Stadium (a.k.a. Jerry World) in Arlington. As all of our Arkansas and A&M friends and family already know....IT IS A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!! Flint went up with my dad, our friend Katie, and I instead of going with the team so that he would not have to stay overnight in a hotel. He was regretting his decision after sitting in traffic trying to find our assigned lot. He has gotten spoiled to the police escorts that drive the team buses right up the stadium! HA! Here are a few pics.

Flint and I
Dad and I
The JUMBOtron.
It is literally over half the length of the field and still more clear than our TV at home!!!

Taking the field
From the back!
Flint again (standing on the 42 yard line)

We had club seats and I felt a little spoiled. They were awesome and we had access to the indoor club with all of the TV's. I could only imagine at a Cowboy game all the Who's Who of Dallas standing around in there drinking their cocktails and making some business deals, oh yes, and watching football! After the game was over, we went inside and found the Razorbacks on TV. We sat there and watch their heartbreaking loss to LSU, all while the stadium staff were trying to close down and run us out! Flint kept telling is almost over!
All of our Baylor friends and avid football fan friends probably already know the outcome of the Baylor/Tech game. And you probably already know that it was a really great game in which Baylor was ahead most of the game and had a chance to win right at the end. Unfortunately, the Bears just didn't have enough in them. Such a bummer, especially after such a close game.


The Allens said...

I'm glad you got to go to the stadium! I haven't been, but Jory was awed by it. It looks like you had a great time!

Sally said...

it was so close wasn't it?? ahhh! that stadium looked AMAZING! So glad ya'll got to go!

Unknown said...

Looks like yal had a great time. I hear the stadium is awesome.

Sarah said...

Fun! It would've been just perfect if we could've pulled out the win - it was our bowl game :)