Friday, December 11, 2009

Nine Months

Our baby is nine months old. Where has the time gone?!?! Our nine month pictures didn't turn out very good, because......Simple.... She doesn't sit still!!! Not even for 30 seconds!
We had to settle for this picture with her birthday sign! At this point she had crumpled the sign and had crawled out of her leg warmers. This is right before she crawled over to her baby crib and pulled out all the stuffed animals followed by crawling across the room and getting into her trashcan. No Joke, I am a busy momma these days!
We burn an advent candle every evening in the month of December. This is a tradition that Flint grew up doing and now we have started it. Here we are on December 9th. We have a nine month old! I really can't believe it! We have so much to be thankful for! Each day we try to reflect on what the season is really all about.
Since our nine month pictures were unsuccessful, I thought I would open a little door into Cilla's world and show you what she is up to!
She is crawling EVERYWHERE and is into EVERYTHING!!!
She has a new fascination with playing under this end table.
I know this little blue outfit is a little boy outfit, but I just love it. It has a football on the front. Don't worry, she wore a brown bow with it!!!

She crawls from room to room. Luckily, she makes a noise (that sounds like a panting dog) when she is on the move, so even if she is out of my sight I can still hear her!
Oh, and the icing on the cupcake...
This morning, while I was starting a load of laundry, she made her way over to the dog bowl and had water all over the floor before I could get to her! This is what I found.
Of course, I grabbed the camera before grabbing a towel!
"What's wrong, mom? Was this not here for me to play in?!?!"
Look her dirty, wet knees! I need to mop!

More about Cilla:
*She eats like a champ. She love to try foods and has eaten just about everything.
*Has started sleeping like a champ. No kidding, some nights she sleeps 13 hours! If I would keep her home more and on a tighter schedule, she would take 2 good naps.
*LOVES puffs! They keep us sane when we are out in public!
*Has two bottom teeth and four (yes, four) top teeth coming in!
*Is developing such a fun and outgoing little personality! She really loves people!
*She is still pretty serious and is very resilient!
*She says "mama" and "da" sometimes "dada". Her very first real sound was "baba"! We are not sure if this was a coincidence or if it meant "bye bye" or "bottle".
*She claps when we say YAY! She gets so excited for herself and I never get tired of it.
*She waves to everyone! Like I said, doesn't meet a stranger!
*Cilla loves our puppies....actually, all dogs!
*She loves to read (or look at) books. She is into turning the pages all by herself.
*She loves light switches and door stops! I wish life would stay this simple!!!
We just love this little girl more and more with each passing day! She brings so much joy into our family.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Cilla sure is cute! Life has gotten a little busier now that they are mobile!

Jenna said...

That is one precious baby!!!! Seriously, she is SO beautiful! Takes after her momma - inside and out!

Kimberly said...

That post just made me smile! What a gift!

Sally said...

awwww, 9 months! i can hardly believe it....ahhh! love her!!

The Disheroons said...

I know what you mean about the mobile thing. Ti started crawling last week, and I have to follow him throughout the house now.

Jen said...

she is a doll!

tara said...

dear cilla, i love your dress!! your friend, luciana :)

alyssa said...

she is such a doll!! merry christmas!!