Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cotton Bowl Victory

So, I know this is about five days late and five dollars short, but I want to get back into the groove of blogging and documenting the happenings of the Harris family!  I sure do love walking memory lane through the pages of this silly ole blog.  So, that is what keeps me blogging!
Last week the Harris crew, all 5 of us (2 doggies included), spent the week in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.  Flint grew up in the Metroplex, so it is home to him and we currently have many friends there, so it is always a fun fun trip for us!
Of course we love seeing family and friends, but our main objective was to bring home a Cotton Bowl victory and that we did!  GO HOGS!  
 My "professional" husband was busy capturing as many Cotton Bowl moments as he could on one of his two cameras, so I did not get to enjoy the game with him.  But, I have loved looking at all of this work.  This post game pic is one of many!  Check out more Candid Cotton Bowl Pictures and 2012 Cotton Bowl Pictures Run the Gamut on HolyTurf!
He even shot a pic of his friends from the field!!!
 I missed sharing in the fun evening with my hubbie, but I had a special date!  My bestie, Laura, generously gave up her evening with her three boys to join me!  Also, special thanks to her hubbie, Brad, for sharing her with me for one night!  We had lots of fun!  We sat with the Carney's and the Schulte's and loved being together!
 Laura and I and Lacey and I heading into Jerry World.
 We saw lots and lots of interesting characters.  This grown lady included.  That's right, I said grown lady.  Not an 8 year old!!!  She must be more comfortable in her skin and in a tutu than I am!  
 And Flint captured this image.  I love this little guys and his sign!  In one word....AWESOME!
See more interesting folks from game day at Jerry world here.
 Flint even managed to catch a few moments of Bobby P smiling.  Not something you see very often, but he certainly had a lot to smile about that night!  See a few more smiles here.  
Well, that is my first attempt at catching up from Christmas and from our trip to Texas!
Oh, and Happy New Year!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Looks like fun! Glad you all were there to cheer us on to victory! (:

Shannon said...

The tutu and leggings....oh my word!! And I don't know if I have EVER seen Bobby smile! :)