Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tahoe Get-A-Way

This past weekend, my parents graciously agreed to keep Cilla so Flint and I could have some time away.  We jetted off to one of Flint's very favorite places- Lake Tahoe.
As always, Tahoe was beautiful and our time away together was relaxing and wonderful!  We had so much fun together and time away from the kiddo is always refreshing!  It definitely makes me a better mom when I get back home!
So, we failed at taking pictures.  This is the only shot of the two of us....and it was taken on Flint's phone!  Ooooppps!  But take my word, we had a blast and ate lots of yummy food.  We ate at one of my very favorite restaurants- Cafe Fiore.  And had one of my very favorite desserts- White Chocolate Ice Cream.  It is seriously a little glimpse of heaven!
 Of course, we enjoyed the views.  There has been very little snow this year, but it was still beautiful! 
 We spent time just people watching and enjoying time together in Heavenly village.
This gal has been around for many years.  We see her every time we are there.
It was a quick get-a-way, but much needed and just about perfect.  But, we sure missed our Cilla girl and there was no better feeling than coming home to her!  That really is the best!  


GreenGirl said...

Our family dog was named Tahoe (yellow lab and my first love!).
Glad you had fun!!

The Allens said...

That is wonderful!!! Yay for you.

Johanson Family said...

I would love a get away!! So lucky!
Love these pictures! I'm not sure if we will get a winter this year! Snow looks beautiful!!