Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Low Key Week

I took Cilla to the doctor last Monday and after being diagnosed with pneumonia I knew that she needed nothing more than a week with little on her agenda.  Apparently, pneumonia is not contagious, however I still tried my best to keep her in and get her well.  
Our little sickling. 
This picture was taken before we realized she had pneumonia.  There is local Thai spot that we love.  Here is our little champ eating Chicken Satay and peanut sauce.  She has always been such a great little eater.
Sunday night was the low point of her being sick.  We were up most of the night.  We did manage to catch a few z's on the couch in the living room.  Here is what I woke up to Monday morning.- Cilla's head in my lap and Sophie and the opposite end of the couch.  So, for those counting, that is three of us sleeping on the couch! 
Midweek, things were looking up, so Cilla got out with mommy to run some errands.  We stopped at Firehouse to get lunch for mommy and daddy and while I was ordering this is the mess she made.  And she was so proud of herself.  Always has a sense of humor!
I caught this sweet moment.  She was reading "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" to Sophie!
Of course, there were multiple trips to Bliss.  She is always a good sport when mommy and daddy have to tend to business there.
We read lots of books, watched some Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and even played some Candyland.  
After spending a lot of the week at home and resting, she is doing so much better.  One funny memory that I want to remember is that she was prescribed Amoxicillin, the yummy bubblegum flavored medicine that every kid loves.  Not Cilla!  She hated it!  At first we we had to give her M&M's to get her to take it.  She has gotten better with it, but still not a fan!!!  She is such a mess!


The Allens said...

Poor sweet girl!

GreenGirl said...

Poor Cilla! She still rocks that amazing smile despite being sick!

About us said...

Adorable girl. Glad she's doing better.

Ashley Baker said...

I am new to your blog :) Your daughter is adorable.


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Do not tell Matt you have Amoxicillin...he will seriously come over and drink the bottle! He STILL loves the taste of that stuff!

Glad sweet Cilla is feeling better! (:

Courtney Cox said...

Poor Girl!!!! I hope she starts to feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your sweet girl is feeling better. Glad you all got a little down time. Sometimes that's the best time to cuddle!

We went private and I would love to keep in touch: my email is christianandgingerneff@yahoo.com

Will you send me your email so I can add you to my list? Thanks, Ginger

Linds said...

poor Cilla! Hope she's better!