Thursday, September 6, 2007


"Hello California,
Sure is strange to be here today.
What's a boy from down in Texas
Doin' in the city of angels anyway?"

- Pat Green

This kind of sums up the way Flint feels about L.A. He feels like everything I want to do there is for girls only! Maybe he is right?!?! But you can't tell me that in one of the most densely populated areas of the United States, my Flint wouldn't be able to find something that interests him.

Anywho- we went out to visit his folks and to stay at their place in Huntington Beach, a cute little beach town in Orange County. We had a wonderful time and got a much needed break from the office! A little R & R!! We walked on the beach, layed out by the pool, enjoyed some nice weather, shopped 'til Flint dropped, and of coarse ate until our little bellies couldn't take any more! We went back to Fashion Island, in Newport Beach, which I visited with my girl friends back in March! It was as great as I remembered! We did have a first- Our first trip to Santa Monica. It is my favorite spot. It is cute like the little beach towns with some fabulous little boutiques and many world class dining establishments! I can't wait to visit Santa Monica again! There was so much we did not see! Our visit there was short...we passed through on our way back to LAX, before flying home. In fact, we were so pressed for time, we had to stop and get lunch at Burger King! How pathetic!!!


Kelly said...

Sounds like SO much fun.

Beth said...

Ooooh!! California!! I'm so jealous! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Susan said...

Where do ya'll get your plane tickets when ya'll go on all these awesome trips? Seth and I are going on a cruise next spring with another couple. We need a good deal on tickets to Orlanda but have no idea where to start looking....