Sunday, September 16, 2007


Flint gets sad after the new year because football is over until September!!! Pathetic...I know! But this sping and summer flew by and now football season has rolled back around!

I have to confess...I love football season, too! I don't just live for the sport itself like my husband...there is so much more to it for me! I love the spirit of the season...grown men crying because their hearts are broken....people painting thier bodies and sacrificing a week of their life to sleep in lines in order to get on the front row of the student section just to hold up a sign and have their 15 seconds of fame on national television...Rich women dragging out thier fine bone china to serve barbeque on at their tailgate parties...sorority girls getting all decked out to go (hopefully) cheer on their team to a victory. I love the afternoons of sitting on the couch watching long lived rivals battle it out on the football field. I love homecomings. I love the pride of the SEC. I love the cooler weather. I love the leaves changing colors... there are few feelings as warm and fuzzy as walking on the University of Arkansas campus with the trees changing to vibrant hues of red, gold and orange...I guess it brings back wonderful memories of my college days. Whew...I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Our first game was against Troy. This picture is with Todd and Heather on our way to the game!

SO, I guess the only thing left to say is GO HOGS!!!


Susan said...

Well written. I agree. It's all about the atmosphere football season brings. The other day we were sitting outside, and Seth said, "It smells like football!" I think someone was cutting thier grass, but I thought that was a comment to note!

Kelly said...

Amen to all that!