Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Friends. Good Times.

Some of our very first friends in Waco moved away last summer.  We miss them bunches, but they recently came back for a quick visit and to help celebrate Baby John Welstead!
We went out with all of these guys to one of our very favorite places in Waco...Ninfa's!
Thomas and Stacy,
We miss you guys lots.  You are such dear friends and we love ya'll.  Hopefully, we will make a trip to visit you soon ;)
 Spring Football
Just when you start longing for fall to get here, spring football rolls around and gives you just what you need to make it to least that is what my husband says!
Student Athlete Night
Robert {known around these parts as RGIII}  wanted his picture made with Cilla and she was not very nice about it!  Apparently, we need to work on her manners {and not have her out at bedtime!}  I just hope she plays this hard to get with the football players when she is 18 years old!


The Allens said...

Awww! Poor Cilla! That picture is a keeper, though!

Rebekah said...

I love connecting and meeting new Rebekahs! :) Your blog and story and family is BEAUTIFUL!

Sally said...

hee hee, love how excited cilla was to meet RG3!!! ha ha ha! love that girl!

Unknown said...

She definitely doesn't look happy about the picture. I feel sorry for RG. I hope his feeling weren't hurt. Babies have a plan all their own. lol

The "W" Family said...

Hey Rebekah, thanks for all your sweet comments, it's good to have your blog so that I can keep in touch! Looks like you are loving Waco and making lots of new friends. Cilla is just precious!

Unknown said...

Great pics!! Looks like a ton of fun!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Cilla is so cute, even when crying!! :) And ohhh Ninfa's...I could SO go for that right now!!!