Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Be prepared for picture overload!!!
Like I said in the previous post, we were in Colorado last week with Flint's aunt and cousins.  It was a wonderful, wonderful get-a-way!  We had tons of help entertaining and taking care of little Miss Priss and that makes makes it easier to enjoy vacation!  And of course, Cilla loved all of the attention.  Every last bit of it!
A Family picture.
 Cilla just adores Flint.  It is so cute to watch their relationship blossom.  Look at he smile at him!
 Cilla had so much fun with her cousins and did not want for ONE SINGLE THING the entire week!
Henry, David and Caroline with Cilla.
 Ice cream after dinner!
 Cilla really took to David over the week.  She could not quit smiling when she was around him.
 She smothered him and thought that he should spend every waking minute with her!
God gave us the most beautiful blessing while we were there.  It was a double rainbow!!!

We (as in Rebekah) clearly lost sight of the fact that I have a very head strong, likes her way kind of two year old and thought it would be fun to join the rest of the fam in the 14 mile ride from Vail to Frisco.  Let's just say it was almost a disaster!  The first half of the trip was okay (at best).  But after a stop in Copper, I didn't think I was going to ever get Cilla back in the bike trailer.  You know, the kind that you always see people pulling their kids around in and the kids are halfway asleep?!?!  Well, not mine!!!
She screamed and fought it so much that she got tangled in the straps, so I ending up walking Cilla and my bike the last leg of the trip.
This is the face of a screaming two year old!
We went on a hike the next day and that was much better than being confined in the bike trailer!
The views were unbelievably beautiful!

So happy to get to run around!

Exploring with dad.
Henry, Carter, Caroline and David.

 After our hike, we headed to Breckenridge for a little shopping and for lunch.
Cilla loved petting all of the dogs that were out.  She has no fear of dogs.  Not even this 150 lb beauty!  She just hugged her and talked to her.  Our little animal lover!!!
 We had lunch at Downstairs at Eric's.  It is one of our favorites!

 Cilla's favorite part about eating there is the video games!
 Carter, Cilla and Caroline.
We had dinner at The Mint one night.  It is place where you cook your own meat.  It is yummy and a fun experience.
 Caroline and Cilla, silly girls!
 Our last night in Silverthorne was an adult night out.  YAY!!!  The kids volunteered to stay home with Cilla so the mommies and daddies and Coke Coke could all go out.  That was a special treat!  Cilla had so much fun playing with the big kids and watching Nemo and Flint and I enjoyed our dinner so much!
Here is the masterpiece we found when we got home!
It says, "Hi Mommy & Daddy" and "Cilla's Dance Party".  Who knows what they did but I know they had a blast!!!
You know you have successfully worn your baby out with this is the sight in the back seat of the car on a three hour drive home from the airport!
We had so much time with our family.  Enjoyed the wonderful weather.  Had lots of great food.  Did a  little shopping.  Laughed lots and made lots of memories.  But, it is good to be home.


Laura said...

Love your family pic!! Looks like a wonderful trip & I'm am jealous of the Colorado weather!

Katie said...

Beautiful! So glad ya'll had a fun time.

Love Cilla's smiles.

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Ummm that 2nd picture down with you smiling at the camera and Flint and Cilla smiling at each other is more than precious!!

So glad you all had a good time!!

wacocampbells said...

I love how Gerry went on the hike!