Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Fun-filled Fourth

I am sooooo behind on posting.  This is one attempt at catching up!
We went back to Colorado last week with Flint's family.  Of course it was wonderful to escape the scorching weather that we are having in Arkansas, but it was so fun to be around family as well.  Cilla had four older cousins all catering to her every want!  And she loved every. single. second!!!
We arrived in Colorado just in time to celebrate the 4th of July.  We went to the parade in a little town called Frisco and it was so small town Leave it to Beaver and so cute!  Cilla's first parade was a success.
Attempting a family picture.  

 Cilla loved being carried everywhere by her cousin Caroline!
 Enjoying the parade, the view of the mountains and the weather!
 I told you it was cute!
This little two year old completely enjoyed herself.
 Flint, Cilla and Coke Coke (Flint and Cilla's Aunt)
Coke Coke has a house in the mountains.  We are so blessed to have a beautiful, fun place to go on vacation.  Thanks Coke Coke for letting us come out to visit you!  We loved our time with you and our time in Colorado!

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