Sunday, July 31, 2011

Coach Flint

As if we need anything else on our plate...Flint has been helping coach our friend's son's football team the last few weeks.  Aside from the heat, I think he is having fun with it!  Of course, that is right up his alley!
This is what you miss having a girl!!!  Little guys in football pads are so cute!
Cilla and I picked a free night to go out and take a looksie at all the fun. 
 Cilla had fun playing with Titus and Kate.  She loves Titus.  She talks about him all the time.  It could be because he has lots of fun toys at his house or possibly because he is so full of energy and funny.  Either way, Cilla loves to be around him.  
And what is not to love?!?  Can you say male model?!?  He loves to have his picture taken and pretty sure the camera likes him right back!
The football was fun but as usual, with a two year old, I didn't watch much of it!

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