Friday, July 29, 2011

Better Together

Cilla loves loves loves to be around people and other kids, so I try hard to make sure every couple of days she gets to play with some of her friends.  I think she gets so bored with me...and I can't say that I blame her!!!
We played with our sweet friends Stella, Emerson and Sydney one day this week.  The girls love one another and play really well together.
How cute are they?!
 Tea for two!
 Stella's sassy pose!  
This little gal is tutu cute and we love her!
 Friday is playgroup day.  
Despite the chaos, we love our playgroup and the friendships within.  There is something about having other ladies right where you are in life.  We encourage each other.  Laugh at each other's stories...a lot.  Support one another.   Blah blah, I know.  But I love each and every mommy in the group and Cilla loves her little friends too!
Today we met to play at the Scott's house (thanks sweet Sara for opening up your home!) and then went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  I am pretty sure when Cilla outgrows loving Chick-Fil-A, I will go on sabbatical from eating there!!!  But for this stage of life, it is easy and the kids love it!
 We seem to have taken up about a fourth of the restaurant!  They were probably glad to see us go!
 And just because they are cute...Hannah, Jillian and Cilla!  Love these girlies!
So thankful for sweet friendships.


Laura said... looks like Cilla is letting you put bows in her hair now!! Too cute!

Linds said...

chick-fil-a is the best place to eat when you have toddlers-- hands down! but I'm with you... I'll go on sabbatical with their food when we're out of this phase!