Monday, March 8, 2010

A Birthday Soiree

So, get ready 'cause there are about 200 pics from Cilla's birthday party. I weeded through them and tried to pick out some of the best.
First of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who shared in her special day. Some of you made really big sacrifices and gave up other plans to share in Cilla's day and we really appreciate it! I wanted her party to be something simple and about her-Just a fun day with her friends. I think it was a complete success!
Here is our little Birthday Girl, who surprisingly could have cared less about her cake. She was too busy socializing, I guess! The audience did not faze her one bit. She had such a ball and it made my heart melt!
So, I will cut to the chase. After all, I know what everyone wants to see first....the decorations!
This was the cake table.
A closer look at the decorations.
Cilla's first Birthday Cake. This was made by Cecile Crumpler here in Waco. She did a fabulous job! Thanks to all my gal pals who recommended her...she came through strong!
This was the food table in our dining room.

Birthday Banner made by yours truly!
And this was one of my very favorite details. I took the picture from each of Cilla's "month birthdays" and made them into a banner which hung on our mantel! The pictures were a little obscure, but it was fun to see how she has changed over the year!
Chocolate Fountain
The party favors
Again, the beautiful cookies were made by Crumpler's! The detail on each cookie was amazing!
The favor table
Cilla's "little" friends took home a sippy cups filled with puffs and her "big" friends took home bags of animal crackers and of course, the cookies!

...and The Birthday Girl herself!
I will share more pictures later.....


Katie (From Passys to Parties) said...

You did such a great job!! Love all the details!

Kubin's said...

I love it!!!!! Her dress is so stinkin cute!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Love her dress and your monthly banner, great job! I hope to have our party post up sometime this week! Happy Birthday a day early Miss Cilla!

The Allens said...

Oh my gosh! It is wonderful! You did a fabulouse job and you know these memories will last a lifetime. I am so impressed and so happy for you all as you celebrate Cilla's first year.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love it all!! The details are amazing, and her dress is SO precious!! Looks like so much fun and the perfect day. :)

Ham Family said...

Oh my gosh - I love all of the pictures! I've been anxiously waiting for you to post them all weekend! So sorry we couldn't be there, but we're so excited to see you & Miss Cilla again really soon... Happy 1st, Cilla Pie!!

Sally said...

awwwww!!!! i am so so so sad you had to miss this sweet first bday for my cilla!!! BOO!!

girl - you did such a phenomenal job with decor are amazing!!! what fun that looked!

hugs to you all...and special bday sugars to Cilla...cannot believe she is 1!!!!

Will and Kate said...

She is so super cute! What a fun party...loved the theme!

Love to you all and hope to see you soon.

Kimberly said...

Thank you for including us. Creighton loved it and Griffin has completely enjoyed his sippy cup of puffs! Thanks for introducing him to those! Your decor was wonderful, the food was fab and your little birthday girl couldn't have been more precious. Happy Birthday to her and many more wonderful memories to come.

I'll get you the pics I took when I get back to town. And if you'll get me those recipes you used...loved the punches and the little toast treats.

Unknown said...

I am loving her dress. Super cute. You did a great job on all the decor. I hate to decorate.

Kelly said...

Her party was PERFECT! I love the giraffe print!!!! And Cilla's dress - too cute! Every detail was so special! I know it was so fun! I can't believe our girls are ONE!

Laura Ann said...

You did an awesome job on the party Rebekah. Every little detail was so thoughtful and so cute. I love the cake and the giraffe print, so cute!

Where has the time gone? Seriously? It has flown by for all of us.

Sarah said...

We were so glad we got to share in Cilla's first birthday! Luke especially loved her birthday cake! Happy Birthday Sweet Cilla!

Deb said...

Wow! How did you even have time to get all that ready???? She's adorable. Making memories is so fun.