Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hair Bow Hanger and Door Wreaths

I recently went on search for the best way to keep all of Cilla's hair bows in one place. We had bows everywhere.....until recently!
I have seen several cute ideas for hanging bows.  So this is what I came up with.
I took what looked like an old frame, but it was new at Hobby Lobby.

Stapled chicken wire, which can be found at any home improvement store, to the back.  I bought a small roll of the wire for just a couple of dollars at Lowe's.
Finally, I stapled thick ribbon to the back.  I wanted to be sure it was strong enough to hold the frame.  
The back is not pretty.  It is FULL of staples from the stable gun, but it works!
I had some questions about my Razorback door wreaths.
Basically, I just raided the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby for anything red and white or football.
The balls, footballs and the ribbon are actually Christmas decor!  That is the good things about being red and white!
The Hogs are magnets and I just used hot glue to secure them to the wreath.  You could probably find these at your team's store or your university's bookstore.  And lastly, the "Go Hogs" are just decals that I stuck to red card stock.  That is why they are a little bent.  Then I used hot glue to secure those as well.  Not the best option for being out in the weather, but they held up all last fall.  So, I have faith
And there you have it.
I want to see your wreaths!  Please share!


Katie said...

Love those wreaths, Rebekah! They are wonderful!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

Aw you did a great job!!! I have found so many ideas on Pinterest for wreaths that I could open my own wreath shop if I just had the time and money to go out and get the supplies.. I hope wreaths never go out of season b/c they really jazz up any occasion!! Love the hair bow holder!! :) Great idea!