Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Princess Potty

One day my daughter will be so embarrassed about this, but I want to have some sort of record of Cilla potty training, so this seems like the perfect place.
Cilla has been wearing big girl panties since Sunday (for the most part) and she is doing quite well!  I will admit, I have been dreading the potty training stage and might add that I still dread what is ahead,.  But, she is ready and ready or not, Mommy, here we go!  She has had a few accidents, but that is going to happen.  Our biggest struggle is that she wants to wear the big girl panties, but doesn't want to get on the potty.  So......we pulled out a book that Cilla's friend Laci gave her called "Princess Potty" and it has worked like a charm.  The book is hilarious and each time we have a successful trip to the potty, a "jewel", otherwise known as a sticker, gets to be added to the princess tiara!
Viola!  Our little Princess on the potty!
 Can you believe this face?  
 A must have for little girls!
We have been taking it slow because that seems to be the best method for us.  I know everyone has their opinions about this.  We still have a little way to go, but at least we are going in the right direction!
Does anyone have any good tips?  I sure would appreciate them!


Tiffany said...

Yay, it wasn't as bad as I would I thought either:) My best suggestions for you are to be keep her on a good schedule and bribe anyway that you can:) We also checked out the Elmo goes potty dvd from the library too that helped:) I will have to check out that book. Best of luck!

Linds said...

well, as you well know, Brayden may be in diapers till he gets to college since I dread the potty training with an unmatched ferociousness... LOL. I wonder if they make that book for boys? Brayden is ready, it's mommy who's not :)

Jennifer said...

I obviously have no tips, but I LOVE the pictures! Love them! She is hysterical!

Laura said...

We are NO where near potty training, but Braysen went "potty" in his potty last night for the first time! He has been talking about potty for a while now so I finally bit the bullet & got him a potty last week that is a step stool & will transfer to the big potty! We are ONLY having his sit on it before bath time ;) I'm still not ready!

Kelly said...

Harper has been going on the "big potty" but the other day I bought her one of those little potties - it's a "princess potty" and has a crown on it and plays music when she pees and she LOVES it! It's kind of helped things along. I need to get that book to go with it.
Cilla cracks me up.

Our Little Blessings said...

I will be getting this book! My daughter will be three next month and she doesn't really care to use the potty. I'm afraid to put her in underwear. I don't want her to pee on the couch! She will go potty when she wants a treat. If she doesn't want the treat, no potty. Hopefully this book will help.

The Allens said...

Yay, Cilla! We're not there yet. Good Job, Momma