Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tis the Season

It is that time of year for us!  Football and birthdays fill our weekends!
This past weekend Nana and Poppa came to town for the Razorback game so we got some quality time with them.  We love when Nana and Poppa come into town to love on us and spoil us!
 We have also been busy celebrating our friends.
This past weekend we celebrated sweet Jillian's first birthday.  This little girl is seriously the definition of a living doll.  She is beautiful and sweet and we loved helping her celebrate!  Her party was so dainty and cute.
Her mommy thought of every little detail.  It was so cute and so personalized.  Check out Jennifer's blog for more on Jillian's party!
Cilla supervising the birthday girl while she works a puzzle. 
 Then the bigs took over opening presents!  Little Jillian was not doing it fast enough to suit them!
 How cute is Harper munching on a cookie?!?!
One thing I love about birthday parties is seeing our friends whom we don't get to see often enough.  Cilla and Harper are a lot alike, so I always love exchanging parenting stories with Kelly and just visiting with her too.
Welcome to the life of toddlers.  
Cilla and her buddy Hannah.  
Of course mine is the toddler getting into trouble.  
Cilla decided she needed to adjust the lighting. This picture makes me laugh because it shows what happens when you turn your back for 20 seconds!  
The weekend before last, we got to celebrate the birthdays of Lilly who turned 3 and Reid who turned 2.
It was a beach themed party, and oh my goodness, Sara thought of everything to make the party perfect! And it was perfect all the way down to the weather!
Sara had beach cupcakes and jumping dolphins in jello!  The banner was made from letters written in the sand and there were balloons covering the ceiling over the food.  Seriously, EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. was thought through! 
Some of the food was served in beach pails and shovels were used as serving spoons!  Genius!  Each food item was named something cute and the food labels were sea creatures made from the kids' hand prints.  Love!
As usual, Cilla didn't love all the craziness and the crowd, but she still managed to have some fun with all her little friends.
Cilla loves her friends Hannah and Stella.
The birthday boy chowing down!
And for all of you who always comment on how Cilla is always put together and looks so cute, here is proof that we live a normal life with toddler and I get tired of fighting battles, too!  It was a huge fight to get her to put on the hog dress since it is red and not pink!  Too bad the University of Arkansas colors aren't pink and purple!!!  Oh yes, and her hair...that is a whole post of it's own!  And have I mentioned that she went to this birthday party barefoot?!?!  Because she did!  Because this momma didn't have it in her to fight over shoes!  Oh, and two days before, she face planted on the concrete!  So, just like your house, we have our own battles!  
Like I said, we love when the Grands come to town.  
Look at this face!!!  Doesn't she just look spoiled and loved down to the core?!?!
I love this picture of Cilla laughing at her Poppa!  So cute!
We have been trying to soak up every ounce of this fall-like weather!
Our weekends have been full.  But they have been fun!


Jenna said...

I hate that we had to miss Jillians party! It looks like it was a ton of fun! We should make it tomorrow night though! Love that picture of Cilla smiling at her Poppa!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Love that sweet Cilla's smile. Thanks for the sweet words about the party. Love you friend!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Cilla is so cute! Where did you get that cute shirt with the monogram? Evie needs some cute long sleeve shirts that I can get monogrammed. Tell me more about giving up dairy. What did you eat? It is about to be the death of me too. It's super hard but I do not feel like formula will fix the problem so I am sticking with it. I spend my days thinking about what I am going to eat as soon I can have some dairy. Cupcakes, lasagna, Mexican, doughnuts, cheeseburgers. I better stop before I eat the keyboard. :)