Friday, September 16, 2011

Tailgate Extravaganza and Gameday Gear

It is not out of the ordinary for Ole Miss fans to empty their dining rooms of their finest.  Drag it all out to The Grove.  Hire someone to setup (including the chandelier), serve , and watch the tent all day.  They party into the wee hours of the morning.  Then they take it all back home and do it again the next weekend.  Not too shabby!
But, that is not the reality for most people.
I love a good tailgate party.  And there is so much out there these days to put that special little touch on your party- no matter how big or small and no matter your budget.
This past weekend, my Razorbacks played at home away in Little Rock (figure that one out!)  So, the Harris house decided to throw a little shindig to watch and celebrate from home in Fayetteville!
I shared some of my favorite details from our party on HolyTurf.  
So, I had big intentions of making one of these, but when I found one in a local store, I knew that would save me several hours!  And this one is way cuter than mine would have been!

I did, however, make this burlap banner.  Can you tell I am loving burlap?!?!
Some of you may remember this post: TV and Modeling-Fail
This time last year, my friend Randi launched a website that has all things you would need for college game day.  Here are a some of the cute "big girl" items.  But they also have super duper cute stuff for the littles.
Last year Cilla was asked to do some modeling for Passionately Rivalicious and it was a train wreck!  She was super cute in all of her Hog gear, but she was very overwhelmed and was just being a nineteen month old.
Look at this little girl.  What a difference a year makes.
Well, Passionately Rivalicious is have an awesome giveaway.  
You can win a $100 gift card to their site!!!  
Today is the last day to get in on the giveaway, so act fast!!!
the details on how to get entered!  

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