Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy Bliss

One of the many reasons for my lack of blogging lately is these two babies.....
AND this little Miss.....
Although, if you call Cilla a baby she is quick to correct you and let you know that she is a "big girl" now!
I call Bliss one of my babies because it just like one!  It requires care and nurturing.  It has to be fed, we have to spend time with it and it requires a lot of love!!!  But it is so rewarding and we love it being a part of our family!
We are in the process of opening a second store near the Northwest Arkansas Mall, which we are super duper excited about.  But that will not be happening until the beginning of May.  So, since we are staring our busiest time of the year in the face, we have opened a temporary location just down from what will be our permanent location.  We would love for all our NWA friends to come out and see us and get your Valentine goodies from Bliss!  
The Fayetteville Flyer wrote a great article about our new location. Check it out here.  

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~aj~ said...

I've got a hot date with my hubby on Sat night and we will be right near there so you'd better believe I'll be stopping by. So glad you shared the scoop on your new location. What an exciting time this is for you guys!