Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Husband Rocks!

We survived Valentine's Day in the Harris house.  It was pure craziness in the world of cupcakes for about the five days leading up to and on Valentine's Day.  In case you are out of the loop, people love to give and receive sweet goodies for Valentine's day.  It was crazy.  But good crazy!
So, I have always had the mentality that Valentine's Day is way overrated.  I know.  I know.  And Flint and I never really get into making big plans.  I will shamefully admit, that I got more into Valentine's Day this year with my two year old than the hubs.  I know, my head is hung.  But, because my HUSBANDS ROCKS, I ate every single bad murmur I have ever muttered about Valentine's Day this year!  I have been forewarned not to set the bar for the years to come, but Flint came strong this year.  Like, Hercules strong!!!
You may have seen this not so shabby picture he posted on Facebook.  This was how I was supposed to find out about my Valentine, which is also my birthday and anniversary gifts.  Coming summer 2012: a little get-a-way to a place I like to call heaven on earth.  Flint planned a trip for our 10 year anniversary back to Peter Island which is where we went on our honeymoon!
Yes, and about me seeing it on Facebook, well it took my friend Syd dropping a few hints and then Flint knocking me over the head (not literally!) to get me to take a little looksy and see what my surprise was!
I am pretty sure I was squeeling on the inside like a tween girl and jumping and twirling in circles!  Such a perfect perfect gift!
And as if that was not enough there was more....
I woke up after the most wonderful night of sleep I think I have ever had.....because the day before was so exhausting....to the second most perfect surprise!
This bad boy.....
That's right!  My husband rocks!  My phone was literally on its last leg so this could not have been a more appreciated gift!  Siri and I are still getting to know each other, but I am pretty much head over heals and am wondering where in the world I have been the last few years.  I am sorry for all the laughing I did at all of you out there who love your iPhone!  
And since the only people who really care are the grandparents and the real reason they tune in is this reason.....
I thought I would top off of my Valentine post with pictures of our sweet girl and a few little snipits of how we celebrated this year.
We attempted a mini photo shoot in order to have picture Valentine's printed and it was about as close to a fail as it could be without completely failing.  Catch my drift?!  Here is what made the card.  The sun is a little bright and her eyes are a little squinty but she sure makes a sweet little Valentine!
 Still rock'in the squint, but pretty cute!
 And this is how most of the pictures turned out.....
 Little Miss was not happy about wearing red.  Not happy about cooperating for a picture.  And certainly not happy about walking away from the Dora episode that she was watching to have her picture taken!
We put up a few decorations this year...mostly in the playroom and they turned out cute. 
 Here is the banner I made last year.  I kind of copied something I saw in PBK.
I hope your Valentine's Day was a special one and hope you got to be with the ones you love!


The Allens said...

Rebekah!!! That is awesome! YAY

Katie said...

I know you are SO SO excited! What a wonderful gift!!

Love all of your hearts and Cilla is so precious. ; )

GreenGirl said...

Soooo fun!! Dan took me to Florida for the valentines weekend so I cannot complain!
Enjoy your well deserved vaca...both of you! Have you started counting down the days?Haha

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

What a WONDERFUL surprise!! Such a great gift - so excited for you guys! And yes, you will love the iphone, as I'm sure you're well aware of by now. :) Cilla is cuter than ever! Hope you are feeling better friend! :)