Friday, July 6, 2007

Much needed Getaway!

For the 4th of July we decided to get away from everything at home and go to the White River with our friends, Todd and Heather Richardson. Todd's family has an amazing house right on the river. They bought it about a year ago and they have completely remodeled it! It is so beautiful. This is definitely my way of camping!
There was very little cell phone service which was kind of annoying and wonderful all at the same time! We had a very relaxing trip and did a whole lot of sleeping late! We ate at Gaton's, which in my opinion was very overpriced for the quality of food and for the atmosphere. But the view was wonderful.
I think the most memorable event from the trip was pulling the three drunk guys from the freezing cold water. Their boat had flipped and we found them holding on to a tree branch for dear life. I do not know if their lives would have ended that day or not. But they credited Flint and Todd for saving their lives! Then they went on their merry little way and vowed to quit drinking so much and never to get back on the White River again! I now call Flint my hero!!!

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Kelly said...

Ya'll were right by where I'm from! My parents live in Lakeview - not on the river but close by.