Monday, July 16, 2007

Lake Tahoe: Day Two

Yesterday we decided to go driving. This is the third summer in a row that Flint and I have been here and we still have yet to go to the north shore. Squaw Valley, which hosted the Winter Olympics back in the 70's, is on the north side of the lake. We hopped in the car for what we thought would be a pretty quick Sunday drive. However, it took much longer than we anticipated. Luckily, we were in no hurry. We saw some of the most beautiful views of the lake and the mountains that we have ever seen. There was a lookout area so we decided to stop for a photo op! Our pictures do not do the view justice. How can people not believe in God?!?!

We eventually made it to the north side of the lake and still are wondering what people do up there?!?! It did have a different feel-more quaint, not so touristy, and a little more upscale (if that is possible). However, we have unanimously decided that we will continue to keep coming to South Lake Tahoe. On the way back, our path brought us to Sunnyside, a fabulous little restaurant right on the lake. My fish tacos were superb! It was THE place to be. It had really good food and great outside atmosphere... for any of you wondering. We finally made it back to our house. We spent the late afternoon resting and playing the video games at our house before we headed out to our 8:30 dinner reservation. (yes, all of those video games are in the house that we are renting!)

For dinner, we went to one of my favorite places- Cafe Fiore. It is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to! We first visited Cafe Fiore last year. It was recommended to me by some locals. This adorable little restaurant only has 13 tables in the entire place and reservations can be hard to come by. SO if you ever head this way, plan is well worth it! The food is out of this world and the atmosphere is some of the best! We dined outside and enjoyed the weather. As if our day had not been good enough, it was topped off with the infamous white chocolate ice cream served with fresh strawberries...TO DIE FOR! It really was the perfect day!

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Megan said...

Beautiful pictures! You and Flint always take the best vacations. Have fun.