Friday, July 6, 2007

Paige Tyler Allen

Paige Tyler Allen arrived Monday night at about 10 o'clock. For those of you wondering....Paige is not mine and Flint's baby...she is the new addition to the Allen family. Katie and Chris are some of our best friends! We are so excited for them!!! Congrats guys!

I finally got to meet sweet Paige last night because we were away for the 4th of July when she arrived. She is beautiful! And I must add that I think she really loves her "Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Flint"!


Kelly said...

Oh she is so cute! Tell Katie I said congrats! I can't believe she is here and I can't believe Katie Bird has a BABY!

Harris Family said...

I can't believe Katie Bird is now a "Mama Bird" either! CRAZY! She is very good with her though! Honestly...better than I expected! I will pass on the sentiments!