Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fifteen Below

Want to know what fifteen degrees below zero and eighteen inches of snow looks like?!?!
Venturing out.
We got stuck in a pile of snow and had to push the car out.  Victory!!!
The hog in the landscaping.

Sophie looking for shallow snow!

The horses across the street from us.

Venturing out, again....
Lunch at Penguin Ed's

We also went to the U of A campus to take pictures.  I will post them later.  It was beautiful!!!
The snow has been so beautiful but I am ready for weather that allows us to get out a little more.  Being stuck inside with a toddler two weeks on end is not easy.
My friend Kelly, has a little blog that some of you may have heard of (wink) and she posted something a few days ago that has really changed my perspective on all of this cold, snowy weather.

"I know exactly how spoiled and ridiculous I sound when I whine about being stuck inside. I still am not thrilled but I'm choosing today to have an attitude of gratitude instead."
click HERE to read the entire post

So, today, I am choosing to have have an attitude of gratitude.  I have so much to be thankful for so for now I am enjoying God's winter gift to us!!!


Johanson Family said...

I love this post!! I wish I had a pasture with horses in it across from me! That is so beautiful!! Your home is amazing, especially with the snow!! Great pictures!!! Love it!!!

Jennifer said...

Love all the pics!
I'm so proud of you for blogging more often!

Kelly said...

Ha ha! You are funny! :-)
I love your pics and want to see the UofA ones!
It's tough to have a good attitude after days of being stuck with wild kids! :-) BUT we do have a lot to be thankful for!!!!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Glad you all made it out! (; love the pics.

The Haynes said...

Love the pics and catching up with the Harris Family. I think Cilla just gets cuter everyday!!!