Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Do you think the Steelers and the Packers had this in mind when they headed to Dallas for the Super Bowl?!?!

In the spirit of the Super Bowl: 
Here are a few fun facts about Cowboy Stadium
*This is the big screen above the field.  It cost $40 million. Texas Stadium (where the Cowboys used to play) cost $35 million to build!!! Funny how times have changed!
*The cost to build this fine establishment actually totaled 1.5 BILLION dollars which makes it the most expensive sports venue ever built!!!  WOW!
*The video screens stretch from one 20-yard line to the other 20-yard line. 
* Jerry Jones got the idea for a high-definition center-hung board for the new Cowboys Stadium while attending a Celine Dion concert at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.  Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision created and installed the video boards for Dion’s concert. Please don’t call the video boards a “Jumbotron” which is a Sony product.  The folks with the Cowboys and Mitsubishi will be quick to remind you that their boards are “Diamond Vision”.

Spat these fun facts off to your man and he will be proud you are the gal on his arm at the Super Bowl party!
Now for the fun stuff....
If I were hosting a Super Bowl party, which I am not I would use all of these cute ideas!
How fun and delicious are these strawberries?!?!

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Or, how cute (and simple) are these?!?!
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Just a few little cuties to spice up that manly Super Bowl par-tay!


Johanson Family said...

I love your cute strawberries!!! I never think of things like that!! I live here in the Dallas area and feel really bad for the fans who spent big bucks and are having a hard time getting here. And for the retailers who thought they would need extra stock to survive the huge rushes. :)

The Disheroons said...

I am so going to try to spout off some of your fun facts in the super bowl party I am going to. My hubby will be so impressed. He would even be more impressed if I could remember who is actually playing. hehehe

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Such cute ideas--you are so crafty!!

Cilla is so stinking cute!!!!

Hope Flint had a Happy Birthday--sorry I am late with the birthday wishes Flint.

Fun facts! I shared them with Matt but he is never impressed with my football knowledge. Ha!