Sunday, February 20, 2011

SEC Bucket List

So, my Hubby, Mr. Holy Turf, is working on a SEC bucket list.  He has a list of 100 things every SEC fan must see or experience in the SEC in their lifetime.  So, all of you die hard (or not so die hard) college football fans should hop on over to HolyTurf and check it out.   Some of the items on his bucket list thus far include Momma G's nachos at Auburn, Florida's famous 2 Bits cheer, 
I wanted to include some of the pictures from last fall that I never posted.  As you can see, we live and breathe football the entire fall!
Flint on UGA's campus
Maxwell and Flint the Georgia vs. Arkansas game.  What a day!!!
Flint headed to OSU for their Thursday night game.
Crazy Tennessee fans tailgating at LSU!
 What's on the menu for Auburn tailgaters?!
 Flint at Auburn with our friends, the Brauman's.
Max and Flint at Jordan-Hare!
Flint and Corby at JerryWorld!
The Cramer boys and the Cockaboose at South Carolina.
 South Carolina game.
Flint and Stacy in Gainsville, oh yes, with Tim Tebow!
Alachua Sink
Flint, Thomas and Stacy at the Florida game.

Arkansas vs. LSU
oh GLORIOUS day!
The score says it all...

I thought in honor of the bucket list I would share some of my favorite things around the SEC.  I will have to wait and see if my favorite things make HolyTurf's top 100!
1.Toomer's Corner.  
2.The Grove at Ole Miss
3. Rocky Top and the Power T at Tennessee
4. Bama Houndstooth and the famous Bear Bryant hat
5. The Hog Call
6. Alachua Sink.
The Gator reserve in Gainesville.
7. The cow bells at Mississippi State.
Annoying, but a big tradition.
8. UGA, the mascot
9. "Gator Bait" cheer
10. Kentucky Cheerleaders
11. The Cockaboose tailgating tradition at South Carolina


Anonymous said...

I am so glad my post spoke to your heart. I know hearing that at Mops just really spoke to me...It put to words what a lot of times I feel and wonder, but just can't express properly. You are more than welcome to share! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!!Hugs, Ginger

Jennifer said...

I was just thinking that if Cilla had been born in the fall, Holy Turf probably would have not been at the hospital! You would have had to send him a picture text at a game! :) Tell him I'm calling him Holy Turf from now on.

Kristen said...

I'm just bummed that my Aggies didn't get to join the SEC. :( I'm still rooting for my Dawgs and my Hogs, but the Ags will always be my first love. :)

The Rohman Family said...

Next time you're in Knoxville, try the restaurant Copper Cellar on the strip before the game, if you haven't already :)