Friday, February 25, 2011

Gymbacks and Falls

On Friday night we took Cilla to the Razorback gymnastics meet with the Allen girls.  As you can see, it was pink night in support of breast cancer.
We all enjoyed ourselves, even the daddies (but they probably will not admit it!)
Cilla was a little hesitant about having her picture made with Sue E, but this was not near as dramatic as Santa Claus!
Cilla loved watching all if the events
....running in the lobby
....and walking on the balance beam!
On Friday night she looked like this...
...and by Saturday morning she looked like this!
This picture was actually taken on Sunday morning, but she took a fall on our neighbors sidewalk and did a number on her nose.  Poor girl.  She has been a pretty tough little cookie about it, though!  Her first big boo-boo.  I am sure there are many to come.


Jennifer said...

Poor little nose. I hope Cillia heals quickly.

Linds said...

poor dear!

Anonymous said...

Poor girl! I am so sorry. Lillian had a few falls like that on her face. It always makes me feel so bad!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

That lil' face... aw... poor thing.
My daughter has knocked her head into things lately and keeps getting a big ole' honkin' bruise.... kids will be kids I suppose :)
cute post though!

Sarah said...

Cilla, that is quite the Oouiee! Faith wants you to know that she's had one before and it will go away, though it's tough to put band aids there! Gymnastics looks so fun! Cilla you are getting so big! I love your hair! We miss you!

JWheeler said...

Bless her heart! Hope she heals super fast!! :-)