Thursday, May 26, 2011

School's Out for Summer

I can hardly believe I am posting this.  
Today was Cilla's last day of Kid's Day Out otherwise known as "School" around our house!
Here is picture before I took her last fall and a picture from this morning before I dropped her off.  She looks like such a baby in the first one.  I will probably look back on today's picture in September and think the exact same thing!  Our babies grow up too quickly!

Cilla had such a great year.
She made some of the cutest crafts.
She made some new friends.
And she absolutely LOVED her teachers: Ms. Darlene, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Briana (not pictured).
I appreciate these ladies so very much.  It makes you feel so much better about leaving your baby behind when you know they are happy, having fun and loved.
Cilla is going to miss Ms. Darlene rocking her!
One quick thing that I want to always remember about Cilla's year at school is how she worked the napping system.  Since Christmas, napping at school has been hit and miss.  She quickly caught on to  the connection of not napping and going to the playroom.  Her teachers always said she laid so quietly in her bed, but as soon as they offered to get her up, there was no fight!!!  That's my girl!!!  She would get to go to the playroom next door if she didn't nap! 
Thanks for a great year!


The Allens said...

I love her outfit today!

mustard seed said...

wow! she has grown up soo much this year!

Sally said...

wow is she growing up so fast!!! waahhhhh!!! still as CUTE as a stinky button!! :) hugs to you all!