Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Happy Happy Birthday

Today, we celebrated the twelfth birthday of this sweet little gal!  My first baby.
This is HIS and HERS!  
Flint had Katie before we were married and I had Sophie.  This year we have celebrated both of their twelfth birthdays!  Sigh.  
They bring so much much joy to our little family!
Today we had a little party, because we ARE those people!  The way we see it is every day with our doggies is a blessing!
Cilla and I went to a the cutest little doggie store and picked out a birthday treat for Sophie and a treat for Katie!   After dinner and bath time, we pulled out the birthday candles and threw a little party.   We even sang "Happy Birthday!"  Note Cilla pointing at Sophie, who, by the way, is no longer known as "Wophie" around our house.  Just back to being plain ole Soph.
Sophie champing at the bit.
 And enjoying her birthday treat!
Happy Birthday to the dearest doggie I know!  I love you to pieces and I am so thankful for the twelve wonderful years you have been in our family!!!  You have brought so many smiles to our faces and so much joy to our hearts!
Happy birthday, Sweet Sophie!

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Johanna said...

Hello- I have been ‘blog jumping’ and have come across this blog from Kelly's Korner. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this post. My family and I have had to put both of our dogs down within the last three months due to two separate cancers. They were my daughter’s favorite toys and I just love to see that there are other families out there that adore their pets as much as we did ours. Thanks so much for putting this up, it has brought a smile to my face.