Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tee Time

Yesterday, Cilla was invited to help her sweet little guy friend, Sawyer, celebrate his second "Birdie"!  My friend Katie, from From Passys to Parties had THE CUTEST little golf party I have ever seen!  Not to mention hosted the party at her fabulous house that she moved into only two weeks ago!  SUPER MOM!  Here are a few little details from the party.  Did I mention how cute it was?
Our little golfer!
The dessert table
"Par"Faits.  How cute is that?!?!
There were also Donut "Hole in one", Fruit Golf Balls, Club Sandwiches, "Chip it" Chips... all things "golf" to eat!
Katie thinks of everything!
The pictures really do not do this party justice!  Katie out-did herself!!!
The little Golf Pro birthday boy himself.  He is just the cutest little guy!
There were even golf cart rides!  Talk about a hit with the two years olds!
  Somebody did not want to smile for their mommy!  She really did have fun, it just doesn't look like it!
The cutest party favor EVER!
Cilla left with her very own set of golf clubs!  She was so so proud of them and had lots of fun "wacking" balls around the house!  Oh my goodness!
Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with you, Sweet Sawyer!  
We also had a fun evening.  Our little family of three went to eat pizza at Damgoode Pies, cupcakes for dessert at Bliss Cupcake Cafe and then we went to walk around the U of A campus.  We found Flint's name on the Senior Walk.  It was his first time to see his name engraved on the sidewalk for his doctorate!  I must say, it is a proud moment getting to seeing your name on the Senior Walk and Flint has his three times!  Scholar!  The Senior Walk is such a neat tradition that University of Arkansas has.
It was a fun Saturday!


Johanson Family said...

I know I should be concentrating on the pics from the party, but I'm too distracted by Cilla's cute dress!! I love it!!

The Mrs.! said...

I love the Golf theme! Cilla looks too cute in her spring dress!

The Allens said...

My goodness I wish I had a creative streak in me! Awesome.