Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family time in Colorado

Finally.  Colorado pictures!  
I didn't take a ton of pictures because, honestly, we bummed around so much and just took it easy.  And I must say, it was really nice.
There was the most fabulous park in Silverthorne not far from our house.  We spent many hours there.  There was tons of swinging.  Tons of sliding.  Tons of dog petting.  A picnic.  And soaking in the nice weather.  Because that is what a Southerner does in Colorado in the summertime, right?!?!
Flint's sis and her family came to the mountains from Denver for a day to hang out.  We had such a nice visit with them.  
Cilla loved all the attention and especially loved playing with her cousin Mimi!
So tired, she passed out that evening in my arms.  This NEVER happens!  NEV-ER!  And it might be the only time on the trip she fell asleep at a normal hour and without a fight.
We went to one of our favorite places in Breckenridge.  Downstairs At Eric's is a popular local spot.  The food is actually pretty yummy and there is lots to entertain everyone in the family!  A must at this point in our lives!

This little silly has a new facination with putting stickers all over herself.  
...and here is her sassy side.  She kept saying, "Momma, help me text Paige and Avery!"  Little Miss missed her friends!
Playing at the playground.

We made brownies!  Score!

We played outside at Coke Coke's house a bunch!  And yes, we enjoyed the views while we were out!
We went on nature walks.

We did a little shopping.
We played at the river.  
Cilla loved throwing sticks into the river.  Not real sure where that comes from since her mommy and daddy are not the most outdoorsy people....if you catch my drift!

We played in Breckenridge.

Enjoying a last day in nice cool Colorado weather.

One more dinner on the patio before heading home to the air conditioner!
Flint wanted to visit University of Colorado in Boulder and Air Force in Colorado Springs since we were so close to both of them.  He made a day trip to each.
Here are a couple of pictures from Air Force.
It was such a beautiful setting and there is some beautiful architecture on their campus.  And I can bet my right arm that Flint found some yummy places to eat!  Check out Holy Turf for more on his road trips to both college towns.

Heading home.  What did parents do on long layovers before airport playgrounds?!?!
Like I said, it was a very laid back ten days.  It was nice to be away as a family.  But, nice to be home.


~aj~ said...

Life just doesn't get any better than that brownie batter pic! :)

Jessica said...

I adore Colorado!! We vacation there all the time. We ski at Breckenridge, Keystone, and Wolf Creek almost every year and we love Silverthorne and Ouray! : ) And Golden, Steamboat, and Estes Park! Ha! We actually did the Gold Mine tour there... So much fun! And can I add that your blog comments are such an encouragement to me! You have such a sweet, uplifting spirit about you! : )

Laura said...

Such a wonderful, family trip! So sad we couldn't join you! Miss you!!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Looks like so much fun!! That picture of Cilla holding Flint's face is heart-melting!