Friday, June 17, 2011

Splash Park

Today we joined our friends, Sydney, Stella and Emerson at a local splash park.  Stella and Cilla are two little peas in a hard headed pod!!!  The splash park is normally a hit with kids but for some reason all our girls wanted to do was sit and snack!  Not that I blame them, but really?!?!  All the fountains.  All the fun.  And they wanted fruit snacks and Goldfish!!!
Notice the other kiddos running through the fountains!
And Cilla must have worked up an appetite snacking, because she was ready for lunch when we left!!!  I needed to run a couple of errands before heading home, so we stopped at one of our very favorite places- Slim Chickens!  This girl can put it away!  It is our second visit this week.  That's right!!!
Can you tell she is saying, "Cheese" in her deep voice in this picture?
Now she is laying in her crib during "nap time" telling her animals, " you not obey me" and "everybody lay down".  Oh the things that come from our babes' mouths!  Don't worry, all fourteen stuffed animals in her crib are perfectly lined up and anything that could possibly make any noise is!  A successful nap time!!!


Jennifer said...

Cilla Harris, you crack me up!!! I love that those cuties take their snacking so seriously. :)

Ashley said...

How funny!! She is just something else. Reminds me so much of Ava! Love her name shirt and her swimsuit. She is sassy and styling. My favortie kind of girl!!

Linds said...

:) She's so sweet! We need to take Katie to that splash park-- I'm sure Paige and Avery would LOVE it!

mustard seed said...

oooh, you'll have to tell me where this splash park is! Looks like fun!

The Allens said...

That's hilarious!