Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nap Time Gone Bad

It is no secret...we have been STRUGGLING with nap time the last few weeks.  It is like my wonderful little sleeper (who finally started sleeping through the night at 9 months old) left us and has yet to be heard from!  UGGGHHH!
So here is our latest sleeping saga.
She crawled out of the pack and play for the first time while we were in Padre a couple of weeks ago and she did it again this week.  So, we have been trying to let her nap in a "big girl bed" and apparently, she can't handle the freedom.  This is a picture of nap time gone bad.  Unfortunately, I did not capture on camera her jumping on the bed, hanging off the edge, running around the room or playing with the alarm clock on the bedside table.   Thank you video monitor!  Oh how I love you and thank you for the hours of entertainment and the peace of mind you have provided me!
Please, please, please tell me that 2 year olds do not give up their naps!!!  I am hoping that we are little out of routine and have been on the go a little too much.  SO HOPEFUL!  


~aj~ said...

Sadly, some 2 year olds give up napping. I've known a few and truly they didn't need the nap any more, crazy as that sounds.

Drew had a time when he was about 2 and a half where he really struggled with naps. No joke, that was the hardest time I've had yet as a mommy. He was defiant and I was emotional and it was a BAD scene. Thankfully he grew out of it. I did things to really wear him out in the mornings and we got back on a good schedule with lunch and naps at very specific times every day. At a little over 3, he misses his nap maybe 2-3 days a week, but when he naps it's still at least 2 hours, so I know he *needs* the sleep for the most part. Mommy needs it too!!!

Hope Cilla will get back in her napping groove soon!!!

Forrest and Elizabeth Williams said...

Walker is 3 1/2 and still naps like a champ...I figure I need the break and he'll do it in kindergarten we're trying to keep it in the routine for all of our sakes. :)
He has a twin bed and a bed bug bumper so I guess he still feels 'snuggy' in his little space, kinda like he did when he was in the crib. Good Luck!
And dont' give in--she'll get the message if you are persistent! :)

Jenny B. said...

Oh man! I've had two great nappers, but when we moved Jackson to a big boy bed at 2, we just laid with him at naptime until he fell asleep (usually 10 minutes tops). Eventually, he got the hang of sleeping in his own bed at naptime. Good luck!!

Trumbo Family said...

It's a phase I promise. :)

The Allens said...

Two year olds do NOT give up their naps! It is hard when you've been on the go a lot, it will get back in sync!

Anonymous said...

Lillian napped pretty good until about three, but I know they're all different. Now at four sometimes she will still sleep but mostly it's quiet time in her room (she can only come out to go potty) I let her play quietly and pretend I don't kknow! lol Good luck.

mustard seed said...

oh sacrad naptime! My boys both stopped napping around 3 ish. They would still go to sleep, but then wouldn't go to sleep as well at night. Hope for you it's just a phase! I bet you have fun watching her on the TV...wish I had had one of those!