Thursday, August 11, 2011

California Getaway: First stop- Stanford

So, for the last few days Flint and I have been out in California with some of our friends.  Adults only!  How sweet it is.  
We started our trip with a little visit to Stanford.  I had been before, but it had been several years ago and it was a very quick trip.  Flint and I love visiting college campuses and seeing a small glimpse into life beyond the University of Arkansas.  
The architecture is stunning on Stanford's campus.
We rushed from the airport hoping to make it in time to go up in the tower, but as you can see in the was being renovated.
We were not too terribly disappointed, though, because it just felt wonderful to be walking around in 75 degree temperatures.....not 105 degrees!  

We headed to The Quad to see the Chapel.
Which would be this beautiful building.  But, there was a wedding in progress and they had weddings booked all day.  No spectators allowed on Saturdays!
So, this was as close as we got to the inside.
The outside was all mosaics.  I know this sounds like cheese, but it was magnificent!!!!!
We were two for two for getting inside anywhere on campus.  But, there was plenty of entertainment, outside.  What do you think if you are on a college visit and there is a party in the fountain right smack dab in the center of campus?!?!  Girls in bikinis, loud music and all!
We actually saw a total of four wedding parties on campus, but this was, by far, the most interesting!  And before I get any comments about it being a Quinceanera, this girl had a ring on her finger.  We checked.  Welcome to California!
You are definitely not in the south anymore when on this campus.
After we left Stanford, we went to Slider Bar Cafe and had a little yummy goodness at Kara's Cupcakes.  Yum, yum and YUM!!!  I highly recommend the Sweet S'mores cupcake!
We checked in at home and all was well with Cilla and her Nana and Poppa which puts a mommy and daddy at ease.  We were looking forward to a nice, peaceful few days away from the responsibilities of parenting!  More to come!


Stephanie said...

I don't think that's a wedding. It looks more like a quinceneara.
The traditional hispanic coming of age party. Sort of like a sweet sixteen but carried out more like a wedding.( as far as how elaborate it is)

Johanson Family said...

Great pictures! I have never been to California and how awesome to have some adult time!! You guys deserve it as well as the cooler weather! ha!

Linds said...

ok, the peeps in the fountain and the wedding are CRACKING me up. What in the world?!?!?

Stephanie said...

I still think it's a quinceneara. The dress alone stands out that's it's not a wedding. Traditionally quincenearas receive jewelry during Mass. A ring is part of that tradion. We have seen very expensive and fancy jewelry given to girls on their 15th birthday. Hispanics can be very "interesting" in their celebrations whether in California or not.

healthy lifestyle said...


GreenGirl said...

Hi Rebekah! I was flipping through your pages for the chicken crock pot recipe and the cake cookie recipe to make for a get-together this week and I stumbled upon a picture of "Uncle Peter"...
Is there ANY CHANCE that in June he was taking a flight from Rhode Island to Washington, DC? This sounds crazy, I am fully aware! :) He just looks like this guy I met briefly at the airport. We went through security together and our terminals were in opposite ends and neither of us knew what to say...
In any event (probably TMI), I was wondering if that could be him...
Again, I say, I know this is bizarre... :)

Yano Rivera said...

Huh, neat.

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