Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't Forget...

We have had a busy busy couple of weeks.  But, I wanted to make sure and post some of these pictures so I wouldn't forget.  These are some some random pictures of some random things that having been going on in the Harris house!
We love Slim Chickens, a little local chicken place in our town.  Kids eat free on Monday so Cilla and I have a standing lunch date every Monday!  This past Monday, our friends Laci and Candice joined us.  We love spending time with them!  These are two of the craziest two year olds that I know!
We headed to the yogurt shop where kids basically eat free on Monday, as well!  Cilla always expects Cherry Berry after Slim's on Monday and that is A-okay with me!
And yes, she is just picking out the topping and eating it.  I may quit getting the yogurt and just start getting her Gummy Bears and Kit Kat!  How is that for a combo!?
 This girl loves her puppy dogs and has taken a new interest in feeding them...all throughout the day.  And I must mention that puppies love this eating plan!  However, their little waistlines don't!
 Flint and I had a nice anniversary.  Low-key, but nice.  We actually went out to eat with a group for our anniversary!  That is what happens when you have been married nine years!
This little cookie monster wanted to help her mommy and daddy celebrate nine years by eating some cookie cake!
 To end the week, Cilla had a long overdue haircut!  We have a cute little place called Pigtails and Crewcuts and they do the best job keeping the kiddos entertained and happy while snipping on their hair.
 The finished product.  This was the best picture I could get!
I have lots more to catch up on, but this is my first attempt!  Hopefully things will slow down and I will not get so behind again!  Who am I fooling?!?!


Linds said...

so sweet! We need to get together sometime and talk strong willed child stuff :) ha!

Anonymous said...

adorable pictures! I love the first one of her and her little friend.