Sunday, August 21, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

This week has been crazy and busy and busy and crazy! 
We have been on the go.  Unfortunately, I did a horrible job of taking pictures.  But, I have a few to share and I have a couple of stories that I have to document because I simply can't forget them!
Friday we had a little play date.  My friends Lindsey, Katie and Candice came over so our four crazy two year olds could run off a little energy!  Did they ever!!!  It was a riot to watch them run and squeal and knock each other over the head with toys!  Sound like fun?!?!  In the mean time, Flint was at a Razorback football luncheon and according to the guys it was a lot of fun and we {the girls} should go next year!

  So, back to my house.  As nap time rapidly approached our friends started leaving so I turned on "Mickey" in my bedroom as a last ditch effort to get Cilla to sit still and calm down before her nap time.  Great idea, right?  Wrong.  Here is where the story gets a little gross.  *Disclaimer: I don't normally put this kind of grossness out there for everyone to read, but since I use this blog to document our life as the Harris family, I feel like I have to document the good, the bad and the ugly.  And this will go down in the books as "The Ugly!"  Back to the story.  I was picking up and chatting with one of my mommy friends, Candice whose hubbie was also at the luncheon with Flint, when little Laci comes marching into the living room looking for some toilet paper.  {You can probably guess where this is going.}  Candice immediately ran into my bedroom, to find the bio-hazard zone.  Cilla had a "dirty" diaper halfway off and "poo" was smeared all over my bed and upon closer observation all over both girls!!!  WHAT. IN. THE. HECK?!?!  Seriously, next year I am going to the football luncheon!!!
After fumigating the room, hosing down the girls and about four loads of laundry things were back to normal.  Or as normal as normal can be!  We bravely had Laci and her mommy over again tonight while the daddies were busy drafting their football teams.
We were off to a good start by making chocolate chip cookies!  
And all was going well until the tots disappeared out to the deck and the mommies were in the kitchen cleaning up the cookies and making dinner.  They reappear COVERED in sunscreen.  Yep, that's right!  It is ALL over both girls.  ALL over the deck.  ALL over everything in the line of fire!  These two are NUTS!
Are we seeing a reoccurring trend, besides the fact that they need constant supervision?!?!  I am pretty sure these two will be in lots of trouble together over the years.  Heaven help us!
Like I said, never a dull moment!  Never!

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Linds said...

I'm pretty sure we won't be able to allow Cilla, Laci and Brayden in the same room/car/buildings together without adult supervision-- EVER. haha!