Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun with Nana and Poppa

So, I have shown lots of pictures from mine and Flint's time away, but I have left out a really important detail.  Cilla's Nana and Poppa, graciously volunteered to keep our small fry while we had some time away.  I love that they love her so much and I love that she loves them so much.  Win.  Win.  I do not have to worry about ONE thing when Cilla is in their care and for that I am so thankful.  Didn't say I don't worry, just say'n there is no reason to!
Here are a couple of pictures they captured of Miss Priss while the mommy and daddy were away.
All dressed up and heading to church.
Tiny Dancer.
Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for giving of your time and energy to come love on Cilla.  We really appreciate it and I know she had a blast!
Since this is our family blog it is only right that I post some pictures of Flint's time in Pebble Beach with the guys after the girls headed back east.  The girls left just in time for the weekend when all the guys started showing up.  They played a little golf, played some wiffle ball and of course had a fantasy football draft!

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The Allens said...

You are so blessed!