Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Heart Football

It is that time of the year.  Besides Christmastime with my family, nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzy than football season.
I love high school football.  
But even more, I love college football.  I love the pride fans have.  I love how it runs deep in family trees.  I love crazy fans painted in their team's colors.  I love little old ladies in their 25 year old hats adorned with  their team logos and charms and feathers.  I love little guys in football jerseys and little sweethearts in team colored tutus.  I love that toddlers learn to say their parents' team name right along with their first words.  I love extravagant tailgate parties.  I love student sections.  I love when teams run out on the field and you get goosebumps because the atmosphere is so electric.  I love Homecoming.  I love ESPN College Gameday.  I love living in a college town and the excitement that is in the air.  I love it.  I love it.  I love it!
Since football season officially takes flight tomorrow, we are busy as bees getting ready.  We had a quite little weekend last weekend as a family before life really gets crazy.
If you have followed my blog or know the Harris family, you have probably heard us talk about 
Merry Football Christmas.  It has become a little tradition around our house.
So, the wreaths are hung.  The gifts are wrapped.  And the yummy treats will soon be in the oven.  I will share pics later. 
I know, some may think we are crazy, and that is okay with me.  
If you are like me, you like cute game day outfits.  HolyTurf is having one great giveaway and one contest with a really great prize.  I am linking both here so you don't miss out on either!
I love these dresses!!!
I love decoration ideas or tailgate recipes so please- do share.  What do you do around your house to celebrate football season?
I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!


gtown1 said...

So cute Rebekah!
You put my football wreaths to shame! Did you make these? And where did you get those precious footballs? Gotta plan ahead next year. Will post a pic of mine later. Tell Flint we are having a watch party at our house tomorrow for the MSU vs. Memphis game...we are so excited!
Take care and Go Bulldogs & Bears...and your team too! :)
EJ Williams

Sarah said...

You know we love our football, too!! So excited it's almost here!! Can't wait!

Jennifer said...

I made a wreath today for our door to put up for game day! And now I'm emailing this fantastic idea about Merry Football Christmas to Josh! Tell HT I said thank you! :)

Wooo Pig Sooie!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Such an exciting time for sure! Football season is here :)

Jessica said...

Oh, how I am missing living in Fayetteville! Sniff, sniff!