Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Nothing says 104 degree highs and 76 degree lows like wearing some doggie slippers to bed!  However, with a two year old, you do lots of things you swore you never would to promote peace in your house.
 A couple of nights ago I went in after Cilla had fallen asleep to turn off her bathroom light (because that is how we roll these days) and to take off about four of the blankets that she insisted on covering up with.  When I walked in to see this.....
 my heart melted.  
Every doggie owner's dream.  You see, Flint had I have two puppy dogs that were in our lives about ten years before we had Cilla.  So, to see a bond between them is so sweet.  Our animal lov'in stinker has loved the dogs about all of her life.  But it is so sweet to see the dogs be affectionate toward her and protective of her.
And finally for the humbling part.  Do any of you remember Monica's Closet?  I may date myself a little by saying this.  But 'Friends' is one of my all-time favorite shows.  Monica, the neat freak, had one closet that was piled to top then some more crammed in and she forbid anyone to open her closet.  Well, I had one, too.  BUT NOT ANY MORE!
Check it out.  
This is Cilla's playroom closet.  I am finishing up some labels for the bins and then I will be completely finished.  I feel so much better having that project behind me!  I so wish I had a before picture to share even it is completely humiliating!!!


GreenGirl said...

I have a 6 year old Bernese and I don't know how much she will "love" the idea of me having a baby...she is happy being the "only child" with just the two of us.
That is such a sweet picture that you will cherish forever!

I have been following your blog for a while...
Cilla couldn't be cuter!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Cilla cracks me up! Love her and her little personality!! That is so sweet that the dog is protecting her room. Tank lays outside the kids' doors sometimes, too. He is really only truly bonded to the kids when they have bacon though. Ha!!

Great job on the closet! I, too, love Friends and compare all shows to it. It sets the bar! (;

Now I am going to try and win those Toms!

Lindsey said...

Your puppy sleeping with Cilla is just adorable. I bet that when she moves to a big bed, the dog will be in there with her! Your closet looks great, too!