Thursday, August 25, 2011

Filled Days

I have lots of random pictures I want to be sure to document.  Our days have been filled the last few weeks.
Today we went to Cilla's "school" to meet her teachers for this year!  I am excited for her to start back to school.  I love spending my days with her in the summer, but it is always good to get back on a schedule and for her to have a better routine
They asked each kid to wear their favorite color and Cilla chose purple.
Already doing art projects!
I tried to get a picture before we left our house, but this was about the best I could get.  Gigi in hand.  Check.  Blanket.  Check.  Bow ripped out.  Check check.
The only way I could get her to not run the opposite direction from me was to agree to her request of taking my picture!
And here I am getting my picture made!  Cheese!
We have been on the go the last couple of weeks.  I have been trying to catch up on some projects and some house cleaning.  In order to semi do this, our two year old has to have some sort of entertainment.
So, here is the party which we also call our entry way.
 In case you couldn't see all the toys, here is another angle!
Whatever it takes some days!
These are the little "ice cream" brownie sundaes I made for baby Cooper's shower, who by the way is here and he is so sweet and cuddly!  The leftovers have been in my freezer and Cilla just ate the last one!  She has loved them!
Nap time has been a struggle the last week and a half.  Actually, it has been non-existent!  I am terribly afraid that we may be on the brink of being a no-nap family.  I left Cilla "napping" at home one afternoon while Flint was working from home.  I came home to this sign taped to the door.  It is a spin off of the paper Cilla brings from "school" reporting her day.  Last year, she often had the box next to "I was not sleepy today" checked.  Which could not be further from the truth.  We will see how it goes year!
Please tell me it is not normal for a two and a half year old to give up nap time and we are probably just in a funk.  Please!!!
And just because I love these two little dearies and they do not get much face time on this blog...
Here are my first babies.  I got a couple of sweet shots of them recently.
Sweet Sophie.
 Katie Girl.
This is a lot of randomness.  I feel like that is pretty much my life story these days!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I am seriously considering buying a bouncy house that can come inside for the winter! What is we get another 2 feet of snow...if we do I will probably need to get in and bounce too!!

I love the I am not sleepy note. Too funny. Lilly still naps (knock on wood now please)...either way she would have a "rest" time.

Good to see you guys today! Sweet Cilla looked so cute as always!

Kelly said...

Oh Honey... You make me SO EXCITED about Emerson growing up :) Your Little Cilla keeps me in stitches. Such a stinker.
Love ya.

Kelly said...

Flint cracks me up.
Cilla and Harper are the same child.
Harper has quit taking naps. She won't take naps at MDO either and I think her teacher is already worn out. I don't say "nap" anymore - I call it "reading time" and I put her in her crib every day with a nightlight on and some music and about 50 books and she is happy as can be for at least an hour.
And that makes momma happy! :-)

Val said...

She is so cute.....WOW.