Thursday, April 28, 2011

Attention Football Lovers

If your house is anything like mine you probably know that the first round of the NFL draft is tonight.  If you know my husband, you know that he likes a little friendly competition. 
So, over at Holy Turf there is a little giveaway with SEASON TICKETS to your favorite football team on the line!!!  If you can name the first 14 NFL draft picks in order you have a chance to win two Season Tickets to the team of your choice!  What a prize!!!  
All you do is leave a comment at the bottom of the article!  So, you enter.  Tell your hubbie to enter.  Tell your boyfriend to enter.  Tell your dad and your brother to enter.  Tell whoever, just make sure they are willing to take you as their date if they win!!!  But hurry, you have until 6 pm Eastern Standard Time tonight to get entered!


Laura Ann said...

We are so SUPER excited because we know VON MILLER and are rooting for him on the sidelines!

His family all work in my school district and he is an AMAZING young man. One of my teachers/his Aunt is there with him now.

Woo-hooo...can hardly wait to see the final results!

Laura Ann said...

Oh Rebekah..I have watched his video over and over and cry every single time. What an amazing young man and so super deserving. WOW! My friend/his aunt was the third person he hugged that was sitting at the table.

Overjoyed for this family tonight, what a celebration! Yay Von Miller ~ You made us so proud in TEXAS tonight! Keep God first and the field will forever be yours sweet boy!