Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nana and Poppa's House

This past weekend Cilla and I headed to my parents' house.
We both love going because we get spoiled rotten.
Cilla has her Poppa right where she wants him.  She says jump.  He says, "How high?"  She says chocolate cake.  He says, "How much?"  She says, "How about we color the walls with permanent markers?"  Poppa helps her finds the markers and then tells everyone, "But Cilla wanted to."  POOR EXCUSE!  You get the drift.  She gets her way with her Poppa!
And Nana, does her share of spoiling, too!  Cilla wanted Chicken and Dumplings for dinner Saturday so Nana got busy in the kitchen!
{Poppa helping Cilla eat her Chicken and Dumplings}
{Swinging in the hammock}
{Eating dinner}
Nana and Poppa,
Thanks for loving on us while daddy was out of town!  We love you guys bunches!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Looks like fun! Pictures are so cute.

Ashley said...

Great. Now I need some chicken and dumplings. Immediately.
Aren't gparents (and parents) the best?!
Such cute pics. She is getting so big with every post you do!

Jessica said...

You have such a way with words! You've just really set my heart at ease. : ) Thanks for being so supportive. It makes me feel TONS better knowing there are others who have walked in our shoes. : )

The Allens said...

Those are CUTE pictures! When are you coming here? Laura said you would be visiting?!? I told Jory we may have to just road trip it to Arkansas so that I can see you and Cutie Pie.