Monday, April 18, 2011


On Saturday, we went to Razorfest and Flint stayed for the Arkansas Red and White game!  
It turned out to be a beautiful day and we were in good company with Chris, Katie, Paigey and Avery!

Cilla thought "Tusk", our mascot, was pretty cool!
This, my friends, is what a Razorback looks like in real life!  It is NOT pretty, not one bit!  
Cilla just took it all in.  
She enjoyed Big Red (from a distance!)  She loved seeing the cheerleaders.
And she enjoyed a bounce house they had for the toddlers.
All in all, the day was a success!
There was just enough football to wet the pallet, for all the avid football fans.
The Razorbacks left fans hopeful for next season.  Not gonna lie.  It kind of makes me excited for football season!  Let the waiting begin.


Linds said...

We were there too, but were hit and miss with Chris and Katie. Cilla is SO cute!

The "W" Family said...

it turned out to be such a beautiful day. my boys go with their papa every year. looks like Cilla is going to love her Hogs too!

The Allens said...

FUN!!! And how cute is she???

Katie said...

Ahhh, we missed it! We thought it would be too cool and windy for Colson. ; )

So glad ya'll had fun! It looks great!