Friday, April 8, 2011

She's Got Personality

These were taken about a week ago when it was much colder outside, but I had to share them!  Cilla is starting to turn into such a little girl.  Look at that purse on her shoulder and those shades!!!  Can we say sass?!?!
PLEASE don't judge me because of my dirty windows!
So, all you girl moms...  I need some help.  
Although I think Cilla is super cute, her hair is starting to get out of control and she pretty much refuses any thing being done to it.  She lets me spray it with water and brush it, but that is about the extent of it.  She doesn't like a bow put in.  Sigh.  But, but I am working on this.  She used to wear the cutest hair bows.....and then she turned ONE!  Her hair is long enough I could put it in pigtails but she just says, "NO MOMMA!" and fights me and runs away.  So, I need some tips!  Do you just hold them down or do you have any tricks you use?  Help this momma, please!


Tiffany said...

I usually do Riley's hair while she is strapped into her booster seat eating or Ill give her something like a book or playdoh to keep her occupied. Hope you can find something that works for you!

Lindsey said...

So far, if I sit Adeline up on the bathroom counter & let her play with the q-tips & cotton balls, she'll let me fix her hair. It's also good to do it while she's watching a movie. Good luck!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Evie likes to have tails put in but rips her bows right out. Try just a rubber band in a cute color or a fun hair clip. We like those little metal ones that barely show but hold the hair out of the face. My SIL told me that as they get older they hate hair in their face too so apparently this problem will not last too long.

Ashley said...

Hold em down sister. You are raising a girl of the south. She has to learn. It's like initiation. If she refuses, she gets a whoopin. There are just no excuses. Haha!
I'm (halfway) kidding.
Ava pulls bows out of her hair constantly. I just put them back in. I've learned the french barretts work better for her bc she can't get them out. I am so mean. But hey, priorities. Priorities!

Lynn said...

I would save the endless toy catalogs that came in the mail and let her show me pictures of things while I worked on hair. With the proper ohh's and aah's she didn't really even notice. These were kept put away for use only during hair time, made them a bit of a novelty.

Kristen said...

First of all, LOVE Cilla's sweet outfit in the post below. :) As for hair, IDK. Cassidy barely had hair so she lived in bows on headbands. I put one on her Even if we just sat at home. So how she wears them. It's like they are another appendage (sp?). She gets a bee in her bonnet now and then an takes it out, but rarely. But we also gush, and gush, and gush about how pretty she looks when I put bows in her hair. I JUST did pig tails for the first time last week. They are hilarious. But I made such a big deal out of them, she wants them all the time now. And the girls at church and at the Y gushed over them, so she likes the attention. Not sure that's good, but whatever, she let's me fix her hair. :) Keep trying!

Mandy said...

i ask them if they want "cinderella (pigtail/bun), rapunzel (braids), or jesse (two pigtails or braids hair).
Hope that helps ;)