Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bright Ideas

I posted about doing Resurrection Eggs with Cilla before Easter and I had some questions about them.  These are fabulous!  A great teaching tool.  Oh, and Cilla loved opening every egg about 29 times!  Basically, there are 12 eggs and each contains something representing a detail of the Easter story...except for the 12th egg.  It is empty, since the tomb was EMPTY!  There is a book that includes scripture and explains the meaning of each egg.  It goes into a lot of detail, but this year we just kept it simple.  We mainly focused on the cross and how that means how much Jesus loves us.
We were given the eggs from our Sunday School teachers in Waco.  Great gift, huh?!?!  But they can be purchased ON SALE at Lifeway.
Now, I need some help.  
I have been brainstorming about what to do for Cilla's teachers for end of the year "thank you's".  I have come up with a couple of ideas, but I would love to hear any other good ideas!
I want to do something besides food, so here is what I am thinking:
Monogrammed Aprons
"To Do" Frame
A Monogrammed Notepad
Recipe Cards
Any other ideas?


Jenna said...

I need to get those eggs for the B's for next year! We had Noah's Ark eggs this year!

For the gifts you know I love a monogram! My fave is the recipe cards. Another idea would be a market tote that you can have monogrammed for them to carry their school stuff in.

The Allens said...

My mom is a teacher and LOVES notepads!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Those eggs sound pretty awesome. We kept the message the same this year. We read a book and talked about it a little but the main point was that the cross needs to remind you that Jesus loves us!! (: All the gifts look cute. As a KDO teacher--I don't expect anything so I am sure they would be thrilled with whatever!

Jennifer said...

I love the recipe cards or the apron. It's fun for teachers to get things that do not remind them of being teachers. HA! I cannot wait to try your avocado corn salsa. YUMMY!!!

Rachel said...

I am so glad I finally caught up on your blog! We love the resurrection eggs around here, too! We use them in our neighborhood easter egg hunts, and then Meredith and Russ play with them for a while afterwords retelling the story. Very good teaching tool!

Also - such great ideas for end of the year teacher gifts! I think I may take one or two of your ideas :)