Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Away & Cilla and Daddy Play

This past weekend I had a long overdue trip to the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex and my dear hubbie kept Cilla so I could have a little time away with my friends!  
Cilla had a blast with her daddy and I think daddy had a blast with Cilla!  Flint had lots of fun things planned for them so they stayed super busy!
They first full day I was away, Flint took Cilla to the drive-thru safari zoo here in our area!  Sweet girl loves anything to do with animals.
Our little goat whisperer!  Apparently, it was almost 90 degrees here.  She just looks hot!
There is a petting zoo at the safari.
Taking it all in!
You can also drive through the "safari".
Of course, it was a special treat to sit in the front seat.  You drive through at like 5 mph and animals come right up to your car.  Flint said they had to roll their windows up a couple of times because a camel and an ostrich were so close!

That afternoon, Cilla took a FOUR HOUR nap!  I guess the safari was a success!
Flint came up with the idea of dumping out several puzzles at once and letting Cilla work them.  He said she loved doing this and that it bought him about 30 minutes!
Good work, daddy!

They ate at some of their favorite places over the weekend, including Bonefish!  Cilla requested "Bang Bang Shrimp" with her Southern drawl!  That's my girl!
Not, her best picture!
In the mean time I had lots of grown-up girl time!  
I had nice quiet car rides.  I could go where ever I wanted at whatever time I wanted.  I could eat whenever and whatever I wanted.  I could shop in peace.  Eat in peace.  And not have to worry about whether or not I had snot all over my clothes before leaving the house!  It was nice to have a little bitty break from being mommy for the weekend!
I stayed with my bestie, Laura and loved loved loved my time with her!  I didn't get any pics, so I will post more when I get some from her! 
I also got to visit with my friend, Sara, and meet her sweet new baby girl, Abby!
I loved my short time with sweet Sara.  I wish I got to see all my Dallas friends more!
I didn't get any pictures, but I had dinner at Chuy's with one of our very favorite families, The Pardue's.  They have little Harper, who is two days younger than Cilla.  I also loved seeing you, Pappy and SuSu.
As fun as my weekend was, I COULD NOT get home fast enough!  There is no better feeling than my sweet girl running to meet me and wrapping those arms around me so tightly.  
It is so sweet to be home!
It is amazing how a little time away refreshes you!  I loved eating dinner with my family, going on a walk together and bathing Cilla tonight!
Here she is all squeaky clean and watching a little "Mickey" before bed!  Of course, getting a little loving from "Wophie"!  Oh how I missed that laugh!
I am sitting here with the monitor, typing and listening to her talk herself to sleep.  It is music to my ears!
Thanks again, babe, for keeping Cilla so I could have some girl time!  And thanks Laura for letting me crash with you this weekend!  I had a blast!  


Tiffany said...

What a fun weekend for you all! We took Riley to a drive through safari like that for her birthday and she loved it too!

Johanson Family said...

OOOH I LOVE THE pictures with the animals!~!! PRICELESS!!! Man, it makes me want to hit Fossil Rim.. a place not far from Dallas to do the same thing!! How awesome is that!!! Always enjoy your posts!!

Sarah Sartor said...

Looks like Flint had a great time with Cilla. I'm so glad you got some QT away. It's refreshing for the soul. Quiet car rides and eating at restaurants without worrying about a little one...ahhh :) Cilla is so stinking cute! I know you were just as happy to get home to her.

Jenna said...

That's so fun that you had a getaway! I love the Safari, but we haven't been in years. I think I need to take Brayden, he would love it! What a good Daddy Flint is!

The Cando's said...

What a nice family!! Cute kids