Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun Filled Day

We started off our Wednesday with BSF which is always a blessing, then we headed over to the park with some of our friends for a little fun in the springtime sun!
This little lady loves to swing!
Cilla's friend, Harper, is in town from Dallas and we have had THE BEST time playing with Harper and Lauren today!
Laci and Cilla.  
Not sure who is doing more "bossing" in this picture!  
Nonetheless, these two love each other to pieces!
Cutie pie Sawyer!  
Sweet boy was surrounded by crazy girls today, but he holds his own.
After a not-nearly-long-enough afternoon nap, we headed down the street to see the horses!  Cilla was way into the horses and Harper was way into the wagon!  Either way, they both had a big ole time!
We got a little taste of what is in our future with these two.  Cilla took Harper for a ride in her pink Hummer!  They were absolutely hilarious!  We just laughed thinking about these two running around together in about 16 years!  T.R.O.U.B.L.E!
Cilla kept telling Harper to hold on tight!  Heaven help us!
After lots of fun and playing we tried to get ready for bed by watching a little TV, but it only ended in lots of laughter and silliness and of course, jumping on the bed!!!
I just love these two and I am so thankful they have each other.  I look forward to watching their friendship grow as they get older!


Tiffany said...

What sweet little friends!

Mary Kate said...

Sweet friends...LOVE her little outfit!! Care if I steal a picture of her in it??