Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun with Friends

Yesterday we got to spend the morning with two of my long time friends.  My friend, Kelly, had us over to play and she also invited Laurie over.  I always love my time with them!  I don't really remember how I originally met Laurie and Kelly.  But, I do remember it was while I was still in college and attending UBC.  Laurie led a bible study that I was in one summer and they just became friends of mine.  They were always so fun and such examples of what a Godly woman looked like.  I still look up to them, but I love hanging out with them as friends, too!  It just so happens that we all have little girls within months of each other.  So, now we all sit around and share stories of our crazy girls!  
Harper, Sarah Kate and Cilla playing together and they really did play well together.  You never know what to expect when you get a group of strong-willed girls together!
These two are a MESS!  
Cilla had a cookie (because I think it is okay to have cookies for lunch!) and Harper wanted some of it.
So, Cilla thought she should share her cookie with her friend!  It really was cute!
And I can't leave out this precious angel!  First of all, how cute is she?!?!  She is even more beautiful in person!  And yes, she really was this good while the girls ran circles around her and played and squealed!  I can't believe I never got to love on her, but I constantly had my eyes on Cilla.  She LOVED dragging all of Harper's toys out of her room!
Afterward, I needed to make a little stop at Sephora, so we stopped by the outdoor mall here in our area.  I told Cilla if she would be on her best behavior while we were shopping, I would take her to see the fountains.  Whatever works!!!
We had such a fun morning with our friends.  Cilla talked about the girls the entire afternoon.  Thanks for having us over, Kelly!


Katie said...

Rebekah you look so pretty in that first picture with you and Cilla!! Love it :) She is such a little character! Keep posting lots of pics. Makes me feel like you aren't a million miles away!

Kelly said...

We had so much fun!!!!!